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Team Development

Choose your Building Blocks

What Building Blocks are right for your team?


Building Block A:

Team Vision & purpose

Your team needs clarity - let's spend time building your team vision and purpose so you can set the direction for your future success!

4 hours, in-person

building block d:

team strengths & gaps

In order to achieve your vision and priorities, you need to know what strengths you have individually and as a team. We'll walk through the strengths needed for the priorities, assess what's available to the team, and determine where the gaps are. We'll map out an action plan to enhance the strengths and fill the gaps.

4 hours, in-person

Building Block B:

Team Culture & values

Your team operates in a unique way - this exercise identifies the values that are important to your team, how you want to operate, what the gaps are, and how to make improvements so teams can work in their desired culture!

4 hours, in-person

building block e:

communication & rhythm of the business

How you communicate as a team, how you communicate your vision and priorities to partner teams, and how you manage your business rhythm can enable you to unleash your potential. Through this workshop, we'll uncover what communications are in place, need to be added/stopped, and what the regular rhythm will be to work towards your vision.

4 hours, in-person

Building Block C:

priorities & strategies

Once you have your vision and purpose, or if you have it already, it's time to map out the priorities, strategies, and tactics it will take to achieve your vision. We will do a lot of brainstorming and prioritizing. Get ready to say yes and no.

4 hours, in-person

building block f:

refresh & renew

If you complete Building Blocks A-E we suggest evaluating progress by meeting twice a year. This session is customized to meet your needs, to focus on the area that would benefit you most.

4 hours, in-person