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Morning Thought – Day 10: Take Action and Sign up for Career Coaching!

The last major step on our career coaching journey is to take action! This is where it all happens. Once you have your action plan, go for it! Start with small steps. If you do one thing each day towards the career that you want, you’ll be that much closer. Make that phone call, send that email, research that company, make a connection, do whatever it takes because you can have a career that aligns to your life purpose!

My Action is that I am launching ViewPoint Coaching and Consulting! After 17 years of professional experience in Operations, Sales, and Marketing, combined with my coach training from SeattleCoach and coach certification through the International Coach Federation, I’m offering career coaching workshops, team development workshops, and leadership coaching. Learn more at:  

Schedule a consultation today and you too can go through this career coaching journey in depth!

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