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Morning Thought – Day 2: What is your purpose?

Part of defining your next career step is uncovering your life purpose. What’s yours? Please share.

We need to have purpose to feel fulfilled; whether our purpose is to grow a business, keep things moving, volunteer, raise kids, or you fill in the blank… we need to have a purpose to feel fulfilled. Without a purpose we can feel randomized, all over the place, hopping from point to point, and feel empty. To create a life purpose, we need reflection time. Through exercises that I’ve done with M-Power Coaching, Henley Leadership Group, and ones that I’ve developed, I’ve learned how to identify purpose and how powerful it can be. You each have a purpose, some shared, some unique. But, you do have a purpose that drives you. Once you uncover it, you can align your job decisions to meet your purpose. My purpose is: “To be at and to bring peace, to embrace and to share joy, and to coach and build community”. The jobs where I have been aligned to this purpose are where I’ve been the most fulfilled. What is your purpose?

Follow my career exploration process over the next 8 days to see if you’d like to start on your journey.

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