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Morning Thought - Day 1 - What's my next career move?

Have you ever found yourself without a job, faced with the question, “What’s Next?” After 17 years working in Operations, Sales, and Marketing and 10 different jobs in the tech industry, I’ve had the opportunity to think through what my next career step would be, over and over again. Each transition was a conscious choice to move to a new growth opportunity, be it a new product, a new organization, or a new function. This time, the choice was made for me, but it’s a positive choice. We’re all faced with the “What’s Next?” decision at points in our lives – is it time to change positions? What do I need to do to be promoted? What’s my short-term and long-term strategy? What can I do to feel more fulfilled? The questions can eat at us if we don’t face them. Self-awareness and reflection are a huge part of this process and there are questions we can ask ourselves to uncover our truths. The order in which we ask them makes a difference too. I’ve developed an interactive, online program that I’m starting in October for people to uncover their next career step and develop an action plan. Follow my posts for the next 9 days as a sample to see how this unravels and to see if you’re ready to go through your own journey!

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