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Day 43: How are you preparing your team for the end of the year?

Note: this was originally written and posted on other sites on December 5th; there were technical issues that prevented me from posting on this site.

Twenty-seven days until the New Year, when your team should be refreshed and ready to jump into 2019. How are you preparing your team? Are you throwing more and more projects their way, in hopes that they’ll magically be completed by the end of the year, leaving your team exhausted? Or, are you being strategic, thinking about your vision and which initiatives to focus on that will reach that vision? Imagine setting your priorities for the New Year, reviewing those as a team, and allowing your team a few weeks to plan how they want to approach each priority, so when they return from the holiday break they are clear and refreshed. Ahh, it sounds nice. See if it works for you!

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